Forest Plans & NRCS

Certified to write forest plans and qualified as a Technical Service Provider (TSP) for the NRCS.

Forest Plans

Our degreed foresters on staff can write forest plans for the county timber exemption. Give us a call today for a quote. The deadline for turning in the timber exemption is December 31st. Below is an overview of how the forest plan process works.

    1. Forest plan quote is accepted
    2. JDFM Forester makes a site visit to the property to walk the forest
    3. JDFM Forester writes the forest plan
    4. JDFM Forester emails (or mails) you the completed forest plan and timber exemption application for landowner signature
    5. Landowner returns the signed documents to JDFM and JDFM submits them to the county getting a “received” acknowledgment from the assessor.

NRCS Funding

The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) has funding available through the EQIP program for small landowners for many forest treatments including tree planting, white pine pruning, pre-commercial thinning, and forest plan writing.

We are qualified as a Technical Service Provider (TSP) for the NRCS and are certified to write forest plans. We can also get the planned forest treatments completed.

NRCS Technical Service Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline or lead time for writing a county forest plan?

The due date for county forest plans is December 31 st with some counties offering extensions into February. We generally accumulate a list of plans throughout the year and then write the plans in November and December when snowy conditions keep us in the office and out of the field. If we put you on the list then we are committed to getting your plan done by 12/31!

Is my property eligible for the Idaho timber exemption?

A parcel must have at least 5 acres of forestland and the landowner must intend to grow timber for eventual commercial harvest (which could be 10, 20, or 30 years in the future) to be eligible for the Idaho timber exemption. A home on the property counts as a 1-acre non-forested homesite so a parcel with a home must be at least 6 acres to be considered. Give us a call and we can evaluate your particular parcel for eligibility and give you a quote for writing the required forest plan for enrollment.

Is the exemption worth it?

The link below provides more information on the county timber exemption. In general, it is a very good deal for forestland owners who are interested in growing timber for eventual commercial harvest.

Timber Tax Exemptions


Why Choose JD Forest Management?


Hire a professional forester to manage your logging operation

Our professional foresters have 4-year degrees providing a technical background in forest diseases, silviculture (the science of growing trees), logging operations, reforestation, and much more. A timber harvest may happen on a property only once every 15-20 years so make sure you use a trusted professional to get it done right!


Over 40 Years of experience

We have been managing private forestlands in northern Idaho, eastern Washington, and northwestern Montana for over 40 years. Including Boundary County, Bonner County, Kootenai County, Benewah County, Shoshone County, Latah County, Clearwater County, Idaho County, Stevens County, Pend Oreille County, Spokane County, Lincoln County, and Sanders County.


Insurance and Contracts

We use strong legal contracts drafted by attorneys for all forestry contract work. This protects the landowner from liability and makes the work specifications clear to all parties. We are insured and make sure all contractors provide proof of insurance as well.


We manage 10,000+ acres of timberland at present

No project is too big and we definitely have the capability to help you manage your forest no matter if it’s 10 acres or 1,000 acres!

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Experience You Can Trust

We have the forestry training, experience, and capabilities to handle any forest management project. We are passionate about helping private landowners achieve their goals and we love keeping our local forests healthy and growing!

What Now?

Schedule a site visit with a forester to discuss your goals and objectives for your property. After the site visit, we will outline the steps required to reach your goals and provide pricing for each service. Feel free to learn more about our process or schedule a site visit today.

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